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Because many of our members are located throughout the United States, it’s important that we provide in-store savings for members who live in both urban and rural communities.

According to the U.S. Census, consumers spend 93% of their disposable income at brick and mortar retailers. Only 7% is spent online. Because of that, 99% of the Super Saver Group merchant network is made up of in-store merchants like restaurants, auto shops, theaters, and clothing stores. When our member wants to dine out, go to a movie, or get their oil changed, we are likely to have a local discount. And that’s why Super Saver Group discounts are relevant 93% of the time you spend money.

  • 94 % of U.S Counties Served
  • 99.6% of U.S. Population Served
  • 100% of Metropolitan Markets Served
  • 100% of Micropolitan Markets Served
  • How relevant is Super Saver at the time you spend money. 93%
  • U.S Counties Served 94%
  • U.S. Population Served 99.6%
  • Metropolitan Markets Served 100%
  • Micropolitan Markets Served 100%

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